Product Warranty for Custom Orthoses

Our company provides product guarantees for our range of custom orthoses. The following warranty terms and conditions apply:

Shell Materials Guarantee

  • 3D printed, Polypropylene & Carbon composite shells are guaranteed against breakage for the functional life of the device, which can extend up to 3 years.
  • In the unfortunate event of a breakage, we kindly request you to provide photographs of the damaged orthosis or return the device for inspection.
  • A warranty claim will be collectively discussed and evaluated based on the findings.
  • If the breakage is determined to be caused by a faulty product and not due to misuse, we will offer you one free replacement of the exact same prescription.

EVA Orthoses Guarantee

  • EVA orthoses are guaranteed against excessive compression for a period of 6 months.
  • Please note that EVA orthoses are not covered under the same guarantee as other product materials.

Top Covers, Paddings, Additions, and Posts

  • These components are not individually guaranteed, as their durability depends on factors such as body chemistry, weight, and activity levels.
  • If any issues arise, we will handle each case individually and assess the situation accordingly.

Modifications and Third-Party Interventions

  • Any modifications made to the device by a third party will void all or any warranty provided by our company.
  • It is important to note that custom-made foot orthoses have limitations regarding refurbishments over their lifespan. Your clinician will provide guidance on this matter.

We offer an 8-week free adjustment service, allowing you to modify or adjust any aspects of your order within 8 weeks from the date of dispatch. This includes changes to additions, extensions, limited shell modifications, and postings. Please note that this service does not cover a complete re-make of any custom-made orthoses.

For minor adjustments related to fit, function, or comfort, we provide complimentary modifications to your original prescription within 4 months from the date of shipping. However, if you require the addition of new components or major changes to your original prescription, charges may apply.

Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction and to address any concerns or requirements you may have regarding your orthoses. We strive to provide excellent service throughout the adjustment period while maintaining the integrity of your original prescription.

Please note that custom orthoses cannot be returned for credit since each device is individually fabricated based on the impression you provide and the specific prescription instructions outlined on the Gaitworx Orthoses order form.

However, we are dedicated to working collaboratively with you in cases where patient compliance or the desired therapeutic outcome is not achieved. Our goal is to identify the underlying issue and develop a suitable solution to address it.

The most common reasons for device intolerance or unsatisfactory therapeutic outcomes typically include:

  • Poor negative casts: If the initial impression or cast is not of optimal quality, it may affect the fit and functionality of the orthoses.
  • Improper correction prescription: Inaccurate or inadequate correction instructions can impact the effectiveness of the orthoses in addressing the intended condition or issue.
  • Inappropriate footwear and/or poor compliance with related treatment modalities: Wearing unsuitable footwear or not following recommended treatment protocols can hinder the desired therapeutic outcomes.

In such instances, we are committed to collaborating with you to overcome these challenges and find suitable solutions. We value open communication and are here to address any concerns you may have in order to optimise the effectiveness of our custom orthoses.

Here are some considerations and voidances of warranty for your reference:

3D printed Sulcus/Full-length Shell Extensions

  • Over time, these extensions may experience cracking at the joint of the distal edge of the main body, depending on factors such as use, bodyweight, and activity levels.
  • If cracking occurs, the extension can be easily removed and replaced with a durable bottom cover.
  • Please note that charges will apply for adding any new components or making major changes to the original prescription.
  • Warranty remakes will not always be provided for orders in which cracking of the extensions occurs. However, the removal of the extension does not affect the functionality of the shell itself.

3D Printed Intrinsic Met Pads

  • Periodic adjustments may be required for met pads due to factors like positioning, shape, and depth.
  • If repositioning of an intrinsic met pad within the shell is necessary, it will be completely removed and replaced with a non-intrinsic soft met pad.
  • This adjustment is performed free of charge within our standard four-month minor adjustment policy.
  • Charges will apply for any other new components or major changes made to the original prescription.
  • Warranty remakes will not be provided for issues related to the positioning, shape, or depth of the intrinsic met pads.

3D Printed Fascial Grooves/Optimal Points

  • Placing fascial grooves or optimal points accurately can be challenging.
  • The use of the Gaitworx Scanning App, appropriate cast or template allows you to mark the desired location on the patient's foot for precise placement.
  • In case of intolerances or incorrect positioning of fascial grooves or optimal points, adjustments will be made within our standard 4-month adjustment period. Alternatively, cushioning with poron or filling can be utilised.

Please note that additional charges may apply for new components or significant changes beyond the original prescription. Warranty remakes are not covered for the considerations mentioned. However, we are committed to working with you within our standard adjustment policy to identify and address any concerns, ensuring the optimal fit and functionality of our orthoses.