Gaitworx Polypropylene

Gaitworx offers polypropylene orthoses with various levels of rigidity to cater to individual needs.

The available options include:

  • Rigid Polypropylene Orthoses

    These orthoses provide maximum support and rigidity for individuals who require enhanced stability and control.
  • Semi-Rigid Polypropylene Orthoses

    This type of orthosis offers a balance between support and flexibility, providing moderate rigidity while allowing for some natural foot movement.
  • Flexible Polypropylene Orthoses

    Designed for individuals who require more flexibility and cushioning, these orthoses offer a softer and more forgiving feel while still providing support.

Polypropylene orthoses are available in different lengths to suit individual preferences and treatment requirements, including full length (extending from the heel to the toes), sulcus (ending before the toes), and 3/4 length (covering the arch and heel).

By offering a range of rigidity options and different lengths, Gaitworx ensures that polypropylene orthoses can be tailored to meet the specific requirements and preferences of each individual.