• Gaitworx VXC Scanner
  • Gaitworx VXC Scanner
  • Gaitworx VXC Scanner
  • Gaitworx VXC Scanner

The Gaitworx VXC 3D scanner offers exceptional capabilities for obtaining foot data directly from the patient, regardless of whether they are fully, partially, or non-weight bearing. This feature makes the scanner well-suited for individuals with mobility concerns, allowing for seamless scanning in their preferred manner.

One notable feature of the VXC 3D scanner is its ability to create a 3D file of the foot that includes the foot texture, along with a 2D image. This combination of 3D and 2D scanning offers the best of both worlds, making the scanner an ideal tool for use in clinical or retail settings.

For added convenience, the VXC 3D scanner incorporates integrated cloud scanning technology. This allows for quick acquisition of patient data within seconds, and the scanned files can be seamlessly utilised in the VXC online orthotic design program.

  • Versatile Scanning

    The scanner can capture data from various objects such as foam boxes, insoles, positives, lasts, plaster casts, and more.
  • Online Connectivity

    The scanner offers online connectivity, enabling scanning from any location with an internet connection.
  • Direct File Storage

    Scanned files are automatically stored directly into your user account, ensuring easy access and organisation.
  • Secure Data Management

    All data is securely stored, backed up, and protected within your account, providing peace of mind regarding data security.

The Gaitworx VXC scanner provides an efficient and effective solution for capturing foot data with its advanced features, online connectivity, and secure data management capabilities.

Technical specifications

(L x W x H)
256mm x 563mm x 90mm
Scanning Time<7 secs