Structure SensorPro

  • Gaitworx Structure Sensor Pro
  • Gaitworx Structure Sensor Pro

The Structure Sensor Pro is a portable scanning device specifically developed to meet the needs of healthcare environments.

Designed to work seamlessly with an Apple iPad, it enables efficient and precise 3D scanning of the external human body. When combined with our customised Gaitworx 3DSIZEME scanning app, this powerful tool allows you to scan your patients' feet quickly and accurately.

With the Structure Sensor Pro and our dedicated app, you can capture detailed foot scans with ease. By utilising our Gaitworx prescription form, you can conveniently transmit the scan data directly to the lab via the integrated Dropbox link. This streamlined process ensures that the necessary information is securely and efficiently shared, facilitating the production of customised orthoses tailored to your patients' specific needs.

With its robust features and compatibility with the iPad, the Structure Sensor Pro offers a reliable solution for healthcare professionals seeking advanced 3D scanning capabilities in their practice.

The Structure Sensor Pro boasts several key features that enhance its functionality and usability:

  • Structured Light Technology

    It utilises structured light to capture data, ensuring the safety of the user's eyes during scanning processes.
  • Wireless and Portable

    The device operates independently without the need for cables or a nearby PC. Its wireless design provides freedom of movement, allowing for convenient scanning in various environments.
  • Fast Scanning

    With its efficient scanning capabilities, the Structure Sensor Pro can rapidly scan and digitise desired objects in less than 7 seconds. This quick process saves time and enhances productivity.
  • Versatile Scanning

    The device has the ability to scan a wide range of objects, including foam boxes, insoles, positives, lasts, plaster moulds, and more. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications within the healthcare industry.

Overall, the Structure Sensor Pro combines the benefits of structured light technology, wireless operation, rapid scanning, and compatibility with diverse objects. These key features contribute to a user-friendly experience, making it an ideal tool for capturing precise 3D data in healthcare environments.

Technical specifications

(L x W x H)
109mm x 18mm x 24mm
Depth ProcessingOn-device using NU3000 ASIC
Camera ShutterGlobal Shutter
Depth Resolution1280 x 960
Recommended Range0.3m to 5m +
FOV59° x 46°
Use EnvironmentIndoor & Outdoor