XT Composite

  • Gaitworx XT Composite
  • Gaitworx XT Composite

The XT Composite range of materials is used for moulded "functional foot orthotics" that require full control. This rigid material is manufactured from carbon fibre composite and polypropylene, providing strength, lightweight, and rigidity to the orthotic.

Key features and benefits of the XT Composite range include:

  • Strong and Lightweight

    The combination of carbon fibre and polypropylene results in a material that is both strong and lightweight, making it suitable for orthotics where full control and minimal weight are essential.
  • Controlled Flexibility

    The XT Composite range comes in different thicknesses, allowing for various levels of flexibility and control. This enables orthotists and healthcare professionals to tailor the orthotics according to the specific needs of the individual.
  • No Creep, Relaxing or Bottoming Out

    The material is designed to maintain its shape and structural integrity over time, preventing any gradual deformation or loss of support.
  • Directional Support

    It is particularly suitable for orthotics with deep heel cups needing directional support.
  • Re-mouldable

    The material can be re-heated and re-moulded, which allows for adjustments to be made if necessary, ensuring a better fit and improved comfort for the wearer.

The XT Composite range of materials offers a combination of strength, rigidity, and customisation options for functional foot orthotics. It addresses the need for full control and support while maintaining a lightweight profile, making it a valuable choice in the field of orthotics and foot care.