Liberty 2.0

  • Liberty 2.0
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  • Gaitworx Structure Sensor Pro

Liberty 2.0 offers several compelling features aimed at enhancing the user experience of 3D scanning using the TrueDepth camera on Apple devices. Here are the key points:

  • Next-Generation Features

    Liberty 2.0 introduces advanced features that make the process of 3D scanning simpler and more efficient. These features enhance the overall scanning experience for users.
  • 360-Degree Scan Mode

    The technology includes a 360-degree scan mode, which allows users to capture a complete 3D scan of the subject from all angles. This can lead to more accurate and detailed 3D representations.
  • Haptic Vibration Alert

    The haptic vibration alert is a feature designed to help users stay on track while scanning patients. This feedback mechanism notifies users of successful captures, alignment, or other important stages of the scanning process.
  • Customisation Options

    Liberty 2.0 offers customisation options that enable users to tailor the scanning process to their specific needs. These options include settings for scan quality, resolution, and other parameters.
  • Direct Platform File Extraction

    The technology offers the ability to extract scan files directly onto a specific platform or system. This feature streamlines the workflow by making it easier to transfer and use the scanned data.
  • On-Device Scan Viewing

    Users have the option to view complete scans directly on their Apple devices. This feature facilitates quick review and assessment of the 3D scan results without the need for external software or devices.

Overall, the combination of these features aims to provide Liberty 2.0 users with a seamless and user-friendly solution for 3D acquisition and measurement, making it easier for professionals to leverage 3D scanning technology.